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Over the last few months we've been busy with our web team and have now launched our new site. There's still plenty to be done before it will do everything we intend for it, but it's time for people to start using it so we can further refine it and decide what extra features to add.

The Focalpoint Login

We've based the new site around a new user account system, called the Focalpoint Login. If you have a Focalpoint Login, you can access the new Forums, the new Galleries and the Birdcall pages.

Everyone who had an active user account on the old forums has been given a Focalpoint Login - except now you use your username and password to login, not your email address. Hint: your username is the name you saw by your posts on the old forums.

The Forums

As well as user accounts, we're in the process of moving all old forum topics to a special Archive section on the new forums, so that no useful reference information is lost. This will take another week or two to complete.

The Galleries

The new Focalpoint Galleries do much more than our old gallery, and your Focalpoint Login gets you access to the new Galleries as well as the Forums. You can create your own albums, upload your photos to them, as well as viewing some of the best wildlife photography around, and uploading your photos to specific areas so people can buy them.

We're not transferring all photos from the old gallery, but Focalpoint staff will be creating some 'best of' albums, so watch this space.


Clicking the Birdcall tab gets you to the sightings submission page and sightings list, as well as the established Birdcall blog and email list pages. However, you now need to be logged in to access many of these pages. If you don't have a Focalpoint Login, get one now! It's simple and free.

The Bird League has now been revamped and is part of the new site! Connect your existing Bird League account to your main Focalpoint Login and away you go.

The Birders Directory hasn't yet been changed and for now you still need a separate login to use this feature.

Focalpoint Online Store

The Focalpoint Online Store hasn't changed at all (yet!) and you can get to it simply by clicking the 'Shop' tab above.

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