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Here is some of the feedback we've received from our users and customers recently via our Feedback Form and our online shops.

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Score: On 17/10/2014, Paul Thomas said:

I had wanted to buy a pair of good binoculars for some time so I was really pleased when I found this shop local to where I live. I was able to try out both the Zeiss Victory HT 8x42 and 10x42 in the shop before making my purchase of the 8x42. Very Pleased.

Score: On 05/09/2014, Brian warren said:

Lowepro bag sent and delivered when said at a fantastic discount because it was the only one left on the shelf. A customer led service at its best. I shall not bother with any other company when I want to buy. Thank you again.

Score: On 07/06/2014, Paul Mason said:

Very friendly, pleasant,helpful and knowledgeable staff, store in very nice premises, no pressure to buy and nice area to test and compare kit before purchase. When completing purchase offered price match before having to ask. Sorry I have not used before. Highly recommended.

Score: On 25/10/2013, John Hancock said:

Having heard lots of complaints re Customer Service .I would just like to Sing The Praise of Yvonne at Focalpoint Optics. I witnessed her giving the best possible service to another customer.Who incidentally had purchased his scope and Eyepiece online from another company.The man was not satisfied with the eyepiece and had indeed returned it to the original online shop .Only to have another one sent that was also faulty I believe. Yvonne was very patient and let the man try out a new eyepiece before purchase.Also giving him a discount on the list price. An act that one could not do if buying online.The result was one satisfied customer who was heard to say that he wished he had bought from Focalpoint in the first place. That is not my full story as I was in the shop at the time helping a friend choose her new Binoculars.Again Yvonne was very helpful ,patient and not pushy. As my friend was trying out various models .I happened to mention that my Leica Duovid eyepieces were loose and I had nearly lost them whilst out bird watching.Yvonne had a look and said the plastic which the lugs engaged were broken. She said she would speak to Leica and see what she could do for me.My friend and I left the shop with a brand new pair of Binoculars and My Leica ones all polished and cleaned by Yvonne for no charge. Imagine my delight when a few days later I received a call from Focalpoint to say that Leica had sent me a replacement pair at no charge. I was invited back to the shop where the eyepieces were fitted by Yvonne .Again no charge. I had bought these Binoculars together with scopes etc from this company many years previously and could not wish for a better customer service.So I thank Leica and Yvonne from Focalpoint for a very pleasurable shopping experience with best wishes for the future. John Hancock Edit tags Like 0 Edit Flag as spam/abuse Reply Posted by HAZY on 25 Oct 2013 9:47 AM Wow John, that sounds like the best Customer Service ever so Focalpoint is on my list of stores to seek out; I remember picking up one of their cards from Rostherne back in January. I don't think you can beat personal service in a good shop where the staff know their stuff and are happy to spend time explaining or helping customers out, to be honest, those shops are sadly now few and far between in todays world. I can imagine how delighted you were to have the eyepieces replaced by Leica, thanks to Yvonne's and going out of her way to assist in this outcome. Well done, really chuffed for you. Kind regards, Hazel My photos HERE Like 0 Flag as spam/abuse Reply Posted by John Hancock on 25 Oct 2013 5:24 PM Hi Hazel You are correct in saying that these shops are hard to find and we are so lucky in Cheshire having one on our door step.You can also try the equipment looking at wildlife etc as the viewing windows opening over farmland. Well worth a visit. John Hancock Edit tags Like 0 Edit Flag as spam/abuse Reply Posted by HAZY on 25 Oct 2013 5:51 PM Sounds great John, next time I plan on expanding the kit I will definitely head over to Focalpoint. Kind regards, Hazel My photos HERE Like 0 Flag as spam/abuse Reply Use rich formattingCancel The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Score: On 25/11/2011, T Michael said:

great service problem free just as it should be.

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